Getting an Anaerobic Digestion plant on your farm.

Thank you for your interest in our Biogas Anaerobic Digestion services, this page will help you understand the next steps in assessing the viability of a Anaerobic Digestion plant on your farm and also the development process should you decide to go ahead with a biogas plant installation.

Pre Install Biogas Plant Site visit

The first step is for one of our team to come out to meet you at your farm, this gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the installation or the technology, how it works and also how it could benefit you and your farm. Also talk to you about the government incentives, how they work and how they could benefit you.

On this visit, we can explain where the plant could be located, how and where we can take slurry as well how and where digestate can be deposited. We can also discuss how heat could be distributed around the farm and what is could be used for.

Finally we can also discuss with you different funding options, which could include a free-to-fit option where the plant in installed at no cost to the farm and a third party funder benefits from the government incentives and you benefit from the heat and electricity from the plant, or arranging for the farm to borrow the money for the installation of the plant and the farm benefiting from both the government incentives and the heat and electricity from the plant.

Feasibility & Planning into Anaerobic Digestion Plant

The next stage is is to carry out slurry samples to assess the Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) of your slurry, and to also apply for planning permission.

Once this has been carried out and planning permission has been received, we can move onto the next stages.

Groundworks and ancillaries required for AD

The first stage of the development and build of the plant is to prepare all of the groundwork’s and ancillaries.

This consists of the following tasks:

  • Concrete base for the plant
  • Trench-work for the connection of services
  • Preparation of connecting pipework to and from slurry and digestate storage
  • Preparation of water and heating connections for distributing heat around the farm
  • Preparation of electrical works

This stage above usually takes no more than a week, and is carries out 2-3 weeeks prior to the delivery of the biogas plant, this is to allow time for the concrete base to be dried thoroughly before the plant is assembled on the concrete base.

Assembly and connection of biogas plant to the grid

Once the plant arrives on site, a crane is used to position the plant on the concrete base and the tank is assembled.

At the same time as the tank being assembled, the connections prepared in the previous stage are being connected to the plant.

Once the tank is assembled, the gas membrane and roof of the tank is installed.

This whole stage takes approximately three days, and once complete slurry is added to the tank to start the fermentation process.

Commissioning of the biogas AD plant

After 1-2 weeks enough biogas will have been produced for the combined heat and power (chp) engine to be turned on, and the plant will start to generate both heat and electricity.

Now the plant has been installed and commissioned, and will continue to operate automatically to produce heat and electricity from your farms slurry.