Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

OMNI Heat and Power are specialists in on site power generation using gas engines.

What is Combined Heat & Power

A Combined Heat and Power engine or CHP is using a water cooled engine to produce power or electricity. A by product of producing this electricity is heat from cooling the engine.

This heat can be used like heat from a conventional boiler, including space heating, hot water and process heating.

Why invest in Combined Heat & Power?

CHP provides many benefits including reducing a businesses combined heat and power bill by uptown 50-60% by using cheap fuels to produce your own electiricty on site at significant cost savings.

This technology can also give you protection against power outages or power cuts as well as protection against rising electricity prices for the life time of the installation.

What fuels can I use?

Combined Heat and Power engines typically use liquid or gas fuels.

Natural gas

This is often very cost effective because of relatively low commercial gas tariffs.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Can also be used which is suitable for projects of the mains gas grid, and can be purchased at economical prices per unit when purchased in volume or entering in to a fuel supply contract with a supplier.


This is typically produced from using anaerobic digestion technology to produce biogas from digestable waste materials.


This is produced from using gasification technology to process solid fuels into a gas for use in a combined heat and power engine. This is typically fuels such a Biomass chip or pellets and SRF or RDF waste materials.


There are many other suitable fuels for use in a combined heat and power engine.

What system is right for me?

To find out what system is right for you, contact us on 01782 950646 or email and one of our advisers can help explain how you could save money using combined heat and power.


Combined Heat & Power (CHP)