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Specialists in Renewable Heat and Energy from Waste.

What we do

OMNI Heat & Power carry out a range of services covering all sectors of Renewable Heat and Energy from Waste.

Our customers

Our customers range from private individuals, private sector companies, charities and the public sector.

OMNI Heat and Power’s services are suitable for and individual, company or organisation who have a requirement for heating.

To short-list some industries we work with agriculture,  architects, mechanical and engineering contractors, property developers, schools and local government.

This list is not exhaustive.

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To find out more about our services please follow the links above or get in touch by visiting our contact us page and one of our team will be happy to help.

OMNI Heat and Power Posts

Renewable Heat for Schools

Renewable Heat for Schools School heating requirements Schools require lots of heat for long periods of time, more so than residential or even many commercial buildings. Also with The Education (School Premises) Regulations 1996 requiring schools maintain minimum temperatures all year round. Additionally in a special school, nursery school or teaching accommodation used by a nursery class in…

ETA Biomass Boilers

ETA Biomass Boilers from OMNI Heat and Power OMNI Heat and Power are installers of ETA Biomass Boilers throughout the Midlands from our head office in Staffordshire. About ETA Biomass Boilers ETA are an Austrian based company who has been manufacturing Biomass boilers since 1998, and manufactures over 10,000 boilers a year. ETA manufacture a wide…

District Heating for Holiday Lets

District heating is suitable for small or large projects, a common use for district heating is holiday lets. Many farms diversify and create holiday letting, this creates an opportunity to generate additional income from utilising a renewable heating installation and benefitting from the renewable heat incentive (RHI) for heat provides to the holiday lettings. District…

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) OMNI Heat and Power are specialists in on site power generation using gas engines. What is Combined Heat & Power A Combined Heat and Power engine or CHP is using a water cooled engine to produce power or electricity. A by product of producing this electricity is heat from cooling…

80kW slurry only biogas plant from OMNI Heat & Power

Slurry only biogas plants built to your farms requirements.  Using the highest quality materials including Cummins engines, Landia pumping and mixing equipment and Siemens automation. For more information about a slurry only biogas plant for your farm from one of the uk leading installation companies OMNI Heat & Power contact us on 01782950646 or email…
Tags: Anaerobic Digestion, Biogas, Chp, Combined Heat And Power

Biolectric Micro Anaerobic Digestion Bio-Gas Plant

Biolectric Micro Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant from OMNI Heat & Power OMNI Heat and Power supply and install Biolectric micro anaerobic digestion bio-gas plants, throughout the UK after agreeing to dealership terms with the manufacturers. Slurry only Anaerobic Digestion Slurry only anaerobic digestion provides farmers with the opportunity to use their slurry to produce heat and…

Biolectric small scale slurry only biogas plant specification sheet

Biolectric Specifications Biolectric biogas plant specification sheet Please follow the link below for the full specification of the Biolectric biogas plants from 10kW - 52kW. biolectric specificatin data sheet omni heat and power combined heat and power

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation Staffordshire

OMNI Heat and Power recently carried out a ground source heat pump installation providing heat and hot water to commercial and residential premises on a single site. This installation used straight runs of ground collector pipe up and down the field to collect renewable heat from the ground and convert this is to useful heat…

Mitsubishi Renewable Heating Solutions

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps from OMNI Heat and Power About Mitsubishi and legislative drivers for Heat Pumps Mitsubishi manufacture different renewable heating solutions for commercial buildings. A driver for this has been legislation driving the need for renewable heating through Part L (2013) of the building regulations. This aims to reduce emissions from new non-domestic buildings and new domestic buildings. This…
Tags: Air Source Heat Pump, Ashp, Eco Don, Ground Source Heat Pump, Gshp, Heat Pumps, Mitsubishi, Water Source Heat Pump

Another Biogas installation from OMNI Heat & Power

Another anaerobic digestion installation from OMNI heat & Power OMNI Heat & Power have installed another biogas plant from Biolectric in Cumbria, England. About OMNI Heat and Power OMNI Heat and Power are leading installers of combined heat and power products, including biogas and anaerobic digestion plants. OMNI Heat and Power have installed several anaerobic…