Anaerobic Digestion from OMNI Heat and Power, specialists in energy from waste.

What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic Digestion is a process used to manage waste and to produce fuels.

Different waste products or feedstock can be used to produce fuel from an anaerobic digestion process, this is commonly but not limited to silage, slurry or food waste .

Anaerobic Digestion Plants can vary in size from as little as a 200 square metre foot print upwards and require as little feedstock as 1500 cubic metres of slurry a year all the way up to large  plants which require 1000s tons of feedstock a year.

Why have a Anaerobic Digestion Plant?

Installing a Anaerobic Digestion plant has a number of benefits for the plant owner, this includes:

  • producing a useful bio-gas fuel from a waste product (slurry, food waste etc..)
  • generate heat and electricity from the collected bio-gas fuel
  • generate additional income from government renewable incentives for both the heat and electricity
  • receive additional income for any energy exported to the grid or sold to near by property
  • produce a useful digestate fertiliser as a bi product which has many benefits over traditional fertilisers or slurry

How big is an Anaerobic Digestion Plant?

Anaerobic Digestion plants can vary in size from small slurry or food waste plants only requiring small amounts of digestible feedstock and sit on a foot print as small as 200 square metres. Up to large plants covering several acres of land and requiring large amounts of digestible feedstock.

What we do

OMNI Heat and Power can provide help and advice for this whole range of plants.

For smaller installations can offer full turnkey solutions inhouse. These plants can usually be operated using feedstock from one farm, this is usually slurry which can be pumped directly from an existing slurry store.

Our smaller installations can operate on the slurry from as little as 60 cows or 1,500 cubic metres of slurry a year.

For larger plants we work with European technology companies to offer a turnkey package.

What we offer goes from initial concept all the way through to final commissioning and operation of the plant, including raising the required funds to make the project a reality.

Get in touch

For more information about Anaerobic Digestion and whether or not it is suitable for you, please get in touch by visiting our contact us page and one of our team will be happy to help. Find out what happens after you contact us by visiting this link.

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