Industrial and commercial Biomass Boiler Install from OMNI Heat and Power

Biomass boilers are a way to provide clean renewable heating for any Industrial and Commercial heating requirement.

This is most commonly space heating but biomass boilers can also provide heat for any manufacturing process including providing high temperature steam.

A renewable biomass boiler can be a cost effective solution against traditional fossil fuel boilers and with the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) this can provide an additional incentive to switching to a clean renewable alternative to fossil fuels.

Commercial and Industrial Biomass fuel

The fuel used to run a biomass boiler can vary to suit different circumstances and can even utilise waste products from some manufacturing processes.

The most common types of fuel for a biomass boiler include wood chip, wood pellets or logs, but many boilers can use other materials including husk.

Commercial and Industrial Wood Chip Boilers

Wood chip is commonly used for medium to large installations and is one of the cheapest ways to providing heating from a biomass boiler.

Boilers that use wood chip as a fuel can be completely automated and require no day to day intervention, as the boiler will automatically control the fuel supply into the boiler from a fuel store and ignite and extinguish  its self automatically as and when it is required. This is comparable to any traditional boiler.

Wood chip can also be produced fairly easily in circumstances where customers have large quantities of wood which can be chipped and dried for their own consumption.

Commercial and Industrial Wood Pellet Boilers

Biomass wood pellets are one of the most reliable biomass fuels because of its uniform and consistent quality, this fuel is also much more compact which makes it more suitable for smaller installations or where space for a fuel store is limited.

Wood pellet boilers are also fully automated and are also comparable traditional boilers and can be controlled using any modern heating controls.

It is recommended to always buy EN-Plus standard pellets as this ensures the fuel being purchased has been manufactured and supplied by approved and certified parties.

Commercial and Industrial Log Boilers

Log boilers are operated by burning batches of logs and storing this thermal energy in large buffer vessels, the heat is then drawn from these buffer vessels as and when required. Some manufactures do provide log boilers which can self ignite when required but most require the user to ignite the fuel. This type of boiler can be quite laborious so is most commonly used where wood is a by product of a manufacturing process and the logs are being handled anyway for disposal, a typical example is a furniture manufacturer using waste wood to provide heating to dry varnished or painted products.

These boilers can provide heat using traditional timers and programmers where required as long as the buffer vessel is kept up to the required temperature.

Installation of Commercial and Industrial Biomass Boilers

The installation of a biomass boiler can be inside in a boiler room or externally using prefabricated containerised solutions dropped on site and operational the same day.

A biomass boiler can replace any existing fossil fuel boiler or be cascaded and used along side new or existing fossil fuel boilers.

Get in touch to find out more about installing a Biomass Boiler for your Business

For more information about biomass boilers, and whether one would be suitable for your circumstances please visit the contact us page and get in touch. One of our team will be able to discuss everything with you and provide you with your most suitable option.

OMNI Heat and Power are able to provide a full turn key solution from initial enquiry to full installation and commissioning, this includes providing access to finance for our customers. We can also offer free to fit installations for customers who may not be able to access finance.

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