Commercial Biomass Boilers Installed in Staffordshire

Omni Heat and Power install commercial biomass boilers including pellet, chip and log in and around Staffordshire. We install wood pellet boilers from 10kw, wood chip boilers from 30kw and log boilers from 15kw to commercial properties in all corners of Staffordshire including and not limited to Stoke on Trent, Newcastle under Lyme, Uttoxetter, Leek, Lichfield, Rugeley, Burton upon Trent, Cannock, Stafford and the surrounding areas.

Get a quote for a Commercial Biomass Installation in Staffordshire

Getting a quotation for a Biomass Boiler install in Staffordshire is easy with Omni. We offer free no obligation quotations for Biomass Boiler installs in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. Get a quote now for pellet, chip or a log boiler by calling us today.

Biomass Boiler Commercial installation Prices in Staffordshire

Find out the cost of installing an alternative energy solution such as a wood biomass boiler by calling Omni Heat and Power . The cost of a biomass boiler is different depending on weather you require a biomass pellet boiler, wood chip boiler or a log boiler.

Can Biomass heat my property as an alternative heat source

Biomass Burners are a direct replacement to gas or oil as a way to heat commercial properties in Staffordshire. Alternative renewables such as Wood Chip, pellet and log offer just as much heat when installed in any property. Find out more regarding alternative biomass heating in Staffordshire now.

Biomass heating systems installed in Staffordshire

Green Biomass Heating systems offer plentiful heating and hot water for any commercial property. Whether it’s a log boiler, wood chip boiler or a pellet boiler Omni offer eco heating system installs for all Staffordshire buildings.

Commercial Biomass installers based in Staffordshire

Omni Heat and Power are Green installers of renewable energy heating systems such as Biomass. energy efficient pellet boilers as well as log and wood chip can be installed in any commercial property in Staffordshire. Biomass boilers can be installed in any room in a building, find out which room compliments your biomass boiler install by contacting Omni.

Staffordshire Biomass Boilers for commercial properties

Biomass boilers have a place in all commercial properties in Staffordshire. Biomass will fit in any business should it be Offices, schools, nursing homes, farms, doctors surgeries, pubs etc just about any commercial property in Staffordshire would benefit from eco energy solutions gained from woody biomass.

Repairs, Servicing and Maintainance Of Commercial Biomass in Staffordshire

Omni heat and Power have servicing engineers on hand to service, repair and maintain most common commercial biomass systems. We work with the manufacturers to ensure that a biomass heating system works at its best all year round. We can tailor maintenance and servicing to your companies requirements giving you complete peace of mind.

Find out more about Biomass Boilers around Staffordshire

Check out about wood chip, log and wood pellet boilers in different locations around Staffordshire by clicking on the links below. Can’t wait to find out more about Biomass Boilers then contact us now

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