Renewable Consultancy from OMNI Heat and Power

OMNI Heat and Power carry out consultancy work advising on renewable energy, and energy efficiency through our renewable consultancy services.

What we advise on

The companies skills are focused around renewable heat and energy from waste, this commonly refers to but not limited to the following technologies:

  • Biomass Heat only Boilers (chip, pellet & log)
  • Heat Pumps (ground source, air source and water source)
  • Combined heat and Power (natural gas, bio-gas and biomass)
  • Anaerobic Digestion (slurry only, food waste, mixed feedstock etc..)

Projects we work on

Projects that the company often provides consultancy work for and carries out feasibility studies includes:

  • Farm diversification into renewables
  • Residential property developments (apartments, houses etc..)
  • Commercial property developments
  • Mixed use developments
  • Hotel and holiday let complexes
  • Manufacturing companies
  • District heating schemes

Get in touch

This list is not exhaustive, so for more information about our services please get in touch via out contact us page and one of our team will be happy to give more information about the consultancy services we offer.

Recent Consultancy Posts

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) OMNI Heat and Power are specialists in on site power generation using gas engines. What is Combined Heat & Power A Combined Heat and Power engine or CHP is using a water cooled engine to produce power or electricity. A by product of producing this electricity is heat from cooling…

Renewable Heat for Multiple Homes

OMNI Heat and Power recently carried out a feasibility study looking at different renewable heating options on a new build estate of 22 executive homes. On this report we looked at different options available to the developer this including looking at and comparing different technologies and installations. The pros of a district heating scheme were…

Ground Source Heating using Bore Holes

When deciding what renewable technology to use to provide heating and hot water, when looking at ground source heat pumps people often associate this with digging up large areas of land to lay the ground collector pipes. Large areas of land are not always necessary, instead the use of bore holes allows projects to take…

District Heating for Holiday Lets

District heating is suitable for small or large projects, a common use for district heating is holiday lets. Many farms diversify and create holiday letting, this creates an opportunity to generate additional income from utilising a renewable heating installation and benefitting from the renewable heat incentive (RHI) for heat provides to the holiday lettings. District…

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation Staffordshire

OMNI Heat and Power recently carried out a ground source heat pump installation providing heat and hot water to commercial and residential premises on a single site. This installation used straight runs of ground collector pipe up and down the field to collect renewable heat from the ground and convert this is to useful heat…