Slurry only biogas instalations

Anaerobic Digestion using just Slurry

OMNI Heat & Power are leading installers of anaerobic digestion biogas plants using just slurry in the UK.

Anaerobic Digestion


How does it work?

Step one – Produce biogas

Using slurry from your farm, OMNI Heat & Power can provide an instalation to automatically pump slurry process it through an anaerobic digestion process to produce biogas.

Step two – use the gas

This biogas is then filtered for use in a combined heat and power engine.

This engine produces both heat and electricity for use on the farm or for export.

This heat and power is also eligible for government incentives.

Combined Heat & Power

Step three – ┬ádeposit digestate

After the slurry has been processed through the anaerobic digestion plant it is then deposited as digestate. This digestate can then be used to be spread on the land similarly to slurry. However the digestate has benefits over slurry for ease of storage, ease of spreadding spreading, reduced smell and also fertiliser value.

Step four – repeat

This process is constantly and automatically repeated providing you with consistent gas production and in turn consistant heat and power generation.

The process is fully automated, pumping slurry from your existing reception pit and automatically depositing digestate into your existing slurry store or feeding an existing seperator.

How to find out more about slurry only biogas plants from OMNI Heat & Power?

For more information about how you could benefit from a anaerobic digestion plant on your farm, producing biogas from your own slurry to create on site and renewable heat and power contact us on 01782 950646 or email

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As a uk leading installer of slurry only anaerobic digestion plants, OMNI Heat & Power have case studies across the UK and Ireland for interested and potential customers to view.


Slurry only biogas installations from OMNI Heat & Power