Waste Handling Solutions for Abattoirs

Want to reduce your waste and/or energy bills?

With fees for disposing of ABP’s rising, it has never been more commercially viable to take control and bring the process on-site.

On-site Incineration

Abattoir & slaughterhouse waste is a potential incubator of bacterial, viral, prion and parasitic pathogens, capable of infecting both animals and humans.

Disposal through incineration is the best way to ensure bio-security and is a quick, cost-effective and safe disposal method, essential to reduce the risk of disease following animal slaughter.

Animal waste incinerators are a perfect solution for slaughterhouse applications, not only for waste disposal but for waste to energy conversion, providing a source of hot water much needed in the slaughterhouse process.

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Our incineration solutions are DEFRA Type Approved

An incinerator must be on DEFRA’s ‘Approved ABP Incinerator List’ to be operated legally in the UK. Further details here:


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  • Save Money year on year - No more rendering or fallen stock fees
  • No risk of contamination - Trucks with potentially dangerous waste are not entering the site
  • No need for storage - Waste is incinerated daily
  • Total control of the process - no reliance on external companies
  • Renewable energy available - Energy recycling using a heat recovery system.

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On-site Power Generation

  • On-site power generation can significantly reduce your power bills, using a Combined Heat & Power system.
  • CHP (Combined Heat & Power), is a single unit that produces both heat and power (electricity). This allows you to produce hot water, heating, and electricity for your own consumption, significantly reducing on-site energy costs.
  • You are also able to sell the generated electricity into the electricity grid.
  • The thermal energy produced by the unit is available for heating, hot water, and numerous processes that require heat.
  • Cogeneration can achieve energy savings of around 40-50% compared to independent power and heat generation, dependent on your energy requirement.
  • The engine can be run on natural gas, LPG or biogas. For more details click here

The Process

  • Contact OMNI
  • Discuss your situation establish your requirements and talk through your options
  • Arrange a site visit
  • Receive proposal from OMNI
  • Visit a reference site (optional)
  • Arrange to fund (if required)
  • Contract signed and initial deposit paid

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