About Us

Dedicated to excellence

OMNI Heat & Power are dedicated to the highest standards of equipment and installation. As manufacturers of waste to energy plants and heat and power solutions with our own in-house experts of engineers, designers, and consultants. We have a comprehensive understanding of customers’ requirements for reducing operating costs, creating value from waste, reducing costs of waste and operational convenience from waste to energy plants and heat and power solutions.

Unrivalled technical experience

As a company with its own in-house engineers, designers and consultants we have unrivaled experience of waste to energy installations. Having designed and installed numerous waste to energy plants and heat and power solutions we have real-world experience of the construction and operation of all of our products. This in addition to being selective with equipment suppliers and all of our partners,  this means as a solution provider we not only bring our own expertise and experience but also that of our partners. 

Experienced Installation, Operation, and Management

Having numerous installations means we real-world experience of working on site and installing our equipment ensuring there will be no unforeseen costs and technical challenges. As well as having experience of operating and managing our installations every new installation is an evolution of the last. This ensures our customers only receive the highest quality equipment which not only performs but is also easy to maintain and operate.