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Biomass Chip & Pellet Boilers

Biomass chip & pellet boilers ideal heating solutions for remote off-grid, and industrial heating requirements. Click here to contact us and to find out more. 

Solutions using waste wood

OMNI Heat & Power can supply solutions to utilise waste wood for heating. Providing huge fuel and cost savings for commercial and industrial heating applications

Solutions from 9kW – 10mW

OMNI heat & Power can provide biomass solutions for any commercial and industrial heating requirement. Using only the highest quality suppliers. 

Containerised Solutions

Containerised plant room solutions allow for quick and easy installation with minimal disruption on site. Also allows the plant room to be moved if the business moves.

Drying Solutions

A range of different drying solutions to suit any requirement. Including for reducing the weight or volume of waste to drying materials such as grain or fuels.