Combined Heat And Power

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Combined Heat And Power

Electricity For The Price Of Gas

By acting like a boiler and generator in one, a combined heat and power engine (CHP) will produce electricity for the same price as gas. 

On And Off Grid

A gas combined heat and power engine can use both LPG or natural gas, making a CHP engine suitable for businesses on and off the mains gas grid. 


With electricity prices rising year on year, combined heat and power engines are gaining popularity as a way to take control of your energy costs. 

About Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Engines 

Combined heat and power (CHP) is a  way of becoming more self-sufficient for electricity consumption.

A combined heat and power engine can provide security of supply, against power outages or voltage drop issues.

With the ability to operate both grid synchronized or in island mode, and the ability to switch between the two. A CHP from OMNI Heat & Power can provide heat and power in any circumstances. 

By understanding the technology, design process and only working with the highest quality manufactures. OMNI Heat & Power provide solutions that are both economical and efficient. 

For any business with a high heat and power usage, a combined heat and power engine is a solution which can provide significant energy savings throughout the year, whatever the time of day. 

Unlike other forms of onsite power generation, a combined heat and power engine can produce power on demand when it is needed.

This means that every kWh of energy produced in both heat and power can be utilised on site as and when it is needed. Ensuring that a combined heat and power engine has a high return on investment, for any business with a combined heat and power bill over £50,000.

Case Study 

A 24 hour manufacturing company with a requirement for process heat and electricity for machinery. Currently have a 250kW electrical base load and a 400kW thermal base load requirement. 

The business is currently spending £180,000 a year on electricity and £72,000 a year on gas for heat. This is a current combined heat and power bill of £252,000 a year.

Following the installation of one 250kWe Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine from OMNI Heat & Power, using only the highest quality components from Cummins, Stamford, DeepSea and EJBowman. 

The gas bill for this installation to provide the same amount of heat and electricity is a total of £130,000 a year, a huge saving of £122,000 a year. 

For any business heat and electricity is essential, and by being able to take control of these costs using a CHP can provide not just security of supply but also significant cost savings for years to come.