Crop Drying with Heat Pumps

A Ground Source Heat Pump from OMNI Heat & Power can deliver a revolutionary Grain Drying process.

The Ground Source Heat Pumps is supplied in a bespoke modular plantroom, manufactured off site for a quick and easy instalation on site which can be provided as a modular building to be housed externally or a modular skid to be located insde an existing or new building. 

OMNI Heat & Power supply every instalation with a bespoke control system to operate and monitor the grain dryer via a web application accessible anywhere in the world. This enables the user to monitor all aspects of the system as well as viewing RHI revenue figures online.

5 step process to Grain Drying with a GSHP

Step 1

Full system design

Each and every instalation is unique and requires individual collector design considering local variables.

Step 2


Each and every installation requires Planning Approval for the Renewable Heat Incentive,

OMNI Heat & Power will assist with obtaining the required Planning Permissions for the Ground Source Heat Pump System

Step 3


OMNI Heat & Power work with specialist lenders who can assist in financing renewable energy projects. Terms vary depending on individual circumstances. 

Step 4

Pre Fabrication

Following an instruction the plant room and associated equiptment is prefabricated in factory conditions to the highest standards. This is then supplied as a modular skid for instalasion in to a building, or as a modular building to be housed externally. 

Step 5

On Site Instalation

All onsite instalation work is commenced, including the ground collector, plant room delivery and instalation.

The system is now comissioned and operational.

What is a Heat Pump Grain Dryer Heating & Cooling System?

A Ground Source Heat Pump Grain Drying System from OMNI Heat & Power utilises naturally occuring heat within the ground in combination with a Heat Pump or Refrigiation Cycle. This proudces usable Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) for and heating application.

Heat can also be recovered from a heat recovery or waste heat source as well as from the naturally occuring heat within the ground.

The system uses electricity to operate the refrigiation / heat pump cycle and can produce heat with 300%-700% efficiency depending on the design and operational conditions. This Renewable Heat qualifies for the 20 year government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff.

A bi product of the heat pumps process is to produce chilled water, in a grain drying application this is used to dehumidify and recirculate air through the grain. This chilled water is also used to cool the grain once dry in preperation for storage. 


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