Lateral And Riser Modules

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Lateral And Riser Modules

Omni Heat & Power offers unrivalled expertise in all areas of the manufacture of heat and power equipment and plant.

We can help you with specially designed lateral and riser modules for installations in mid to high-rise buildings, whether residential, industrial, or commercial.

As manufacturers and designers of lateral and riser modules, plant room equipment and installations, clients can rely upon our own in-house team of engineers, designers, and consultants.

Omni Heat & Power to provide a full service regards cost-saving manufacturing solutions, more and risk-free plant room build and installation, in all types of heat and power systems no matter the size or scope.

Benefits Of Lateral And Riser Modules

Lateral and riser modules are used in plant installation where the equipment needs to be raised to higher floors.

At Omni Heat & Power we design and build bespoke units in-house, bringing all the benefits of the process to our clients efficiently and with added cost-effectiveness. 

Careful Planning

Omni Heat & Power takes great care when designing lateral and riser modules, ensuring that load bearings are calculated to facilitate the final lifting of the plant into its intended location.

Advanced design techniques mean we can easily deal with any problems that may be faced before the production process begins.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing

As we design and build the lateral and riser modules entirely in-house, we have complete quality control at all stages of the process, and can handle any obstacles straight away.

This saves time for the client, and for us also. Our factory environment is a far more efficient place to build plant than a construction site. 

Error-Free Build And Installation

By the time the modules reach the destination we will have ironed out any potential problems, corrected any errors and ensured that the plant is ready for installation.

This eliminates the need for ‘firefighting’ that adds time to on-site plant build and installations, and further enhances the cost-effective elements of our process.

Avoiding Delays

Should the construction project itself be subject to delays, perhaps due to bad weather or delays in materials arriving, the lateral and riser module build is taking place concurrently at Omni Heat & Power, so remains unaffected and on time throughout.

Health and Safety

Health and safety risks are minimized by our in-house design build method as these risks are far less in our controlled factory environment than they would be on a construction site.

Final Installation

Lateral and riser modules are designed to be lifted into place using the specially designed lifting points, with final connection and installation taking far less time than with a traditional construction site plant build.