LV Switchgears

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LV Switchgears

With extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Low-voltage (LV) switchgear, Omni Heat & Power can offer clients the benefits of our in-house design and manufacturing expertise. 

We have designed, built, and installed switchgear and plant room equipment for many satisfied clients and are proud of a reputation for excellent service and quality solutions.

Our in-house team of engineers, designers, and consultants provide a comprehensive understanding of customers’ requirements for reducing installation costs, more efficient solutions and risk-free plant room and switchgear build and installation, for all types of heat and power solutions.

Benefits of In-House LV Switchgear Design and Manufacture

We have in-depth understanding of the many uses for LV switchgear across all areas of industry and commerce and guarantee that our in-house design and manufacturing procedures bring to clients such benefits as cost saving, safety and much more. 

The following are some of the major benefits you will experience when working with Omni Heat & Power on your LV switchgear project.

Pre-Build Design Process

Our expert designers will start by analysing the client’s requirements and design the switchgear specifically. Using the latest 3D design packages, we can make sure the switchgear is carefully planned for safety, ease of use and to meet regulations, so that our client can be confident in all those areas.

In-House Quality Control

As we carry out all processes from design to manufacture and installation ourselves, we guarantee the highest levels of quality control throughout the project. 

Our clients trust us to deliver the best service in an agreed timeframe, and we are proud of our quality records across the years.

Cost-effective Production

By building switchgear in-house, our expert team can deliver the project on time, every time, thanks to having everything to hand and being unhindered by other work that will be going on at a construction site. 

This way, we can give our clients the best rates in the business as there will be no wasted time with Omni Heat & Power.

No Delays

The traditional method of building LV switchgear or any plant equipment on site will be affected not just by other activity on the site, but also by any delays for poor weather and other potential problems. Production of the switchgear remains ongoing as it is in-house.

Ready to Install

A major benefit of the Omni Heat & Power in-house manufacturing process is that the LV switchgear will arrive on site ready for us to install. 

All that needs to be done is for all necessary connections to be made, and we will commission the switchgear for use.