Prefabricated Plant Rooms

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Prefabricated Plant Rooms

Omni Heat & Power are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service and the most efficient and up to date equipment.

Our experience in building and installing package plant rooms remains unrivalled in this market sector.

As manufacturers and designers of plant room equipment and installations with our own in-house team of engineers, designers, and consultants. 

Omni Heat & Power offers a comprehensive understanding of customers’ requirements for reducing installation costs, more efficient solutions and risk-free plant room build and installation, in all types of heat and power solutions.

We can handle any scope or size regarding packaged plant room requirements, and no job is too large or too small.

Benefits of Packaged Plant Rooms

A plant room is the very heart of any engineering installation and needs careful consideration.

A construction site is never an ideal environment in which to put together a complex plant room installation, hence the demand for our packaged plant room solutions. 

No two plant rooms will be the same, and at Omni Heat & Power we provide fully bespoke plant rooms tailored to a client’s requirements.

Designed to Perfection

Omni Heat & Power uses advanced 3D modelling processes to provide a 3D ‘walk through’ of the plant room, so that clients can be involved in the design process from the very start. 

This also allows us to view any potential problems in advance of the build.

Efficient and Time Saving

Our method of designing in advance and building the plant room in our specially equipped premises means we have all elements of the build process in-house. 

This saves time for the client, and saved time is saved money. 

Our engineers will be able to build in-house far more quickly than if they were limited by being on the construction site. 

Reduced Risk of Errors

Problems may occur when building a bespoke plant room. 

With our in-house design and build process we can spot any problems – actual and potential – in advance of the installation, and eliminate or fix these problems quickly and before they begin to hinder your plant room operation. 

This is another area of cost-saving for our clients.

No Delays

Construction projects may be delayed for a number of unforeseen reasons – bad weather, for example – but the design and manufacture of the plant room will continue as it remains in-house.

This means it will be ready on schedule, in every instance. 

Health and Safety

Health and safety risks are minimized by our in-house plant room build method as these risks are far less in our controlled factory environment than they would be on a construction site.

Fast Installation

Once the plant room is built and ready, all that is required is the final connection, thus saving the client even more time and money than with a traditional on-site build.