Utility Cupboards

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Utility Cupboards

As acknowledged experts in our field Omni Heat & Power are proud to provide our clients with the highest levels of service and the best equipment and bespoke solutions. 

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing tailored utility cupboards is unrivalled.

As manufacturers and designers of plant room equipment and installations we are confident that our in-house team of engineers, designers, and consultants will be able to use their comprehensive understanding of customers’ requirements for reducing installation costs and more efficient solutions in utility cupboards to the benefit of our clients.

Benefits of Bespoke Utility Cupboards

Every plant installation requires its own careful attention, and at Omni Heat & Power we take care of every detail, right down to the design and packaging of the utilities. 

Our bespoke utility cupboards are designed and built on site and transferred ready for installation to the client’s location. This method offers many benefits including the following. 

Efficient Use of Space

By designing the utility cupboards with full awareness of the space available, and aided by the use of the latest digital design systems.

Omni Heat & Power can produce cupboards that are perfectly sized for a specific space and that use as little as possible. This benefit offers both time and cost savings to the client.

Time-Saved in Manufacturing

As we perform all the design and manufacturing processes in our fully equipped factory, we can build specifically designed utility cupboards for our clients’ needs in less time than if we were to build at the construction site. 

Eliminating Errors

A further benefit of our in-house production method lies in the fact we will be able to spot any potential errors at the design stage. 

Furthermore, we can eliminate them on the spot which may not be possible on a construction site, thus cutting out the element of time lost by way of errors of this kind. 

Our cupboards will be delivered to the customer and installed with accuracy.

Risk Factor

The pressure of building on a construction site is eliminated with our methods, as we are not interrupted or affected by processes continuing around us. 

As our utility cupboards are built in unison with the construction project, they will also be free of delays that may come about on-site and will be finished on schedule every time.

Ready for Installation

Omni Heat & Power ensures that utility cupboards, plant and other equipment arrives on site ready for installation, so that our clients can save on the costs of delays that may be encountered with other manufacturing processes.